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Company Overview

We have extensive experience across the United States and abroad. The scope of which includes the evaluation of all major commercial real estate product types: Office, retail, multifamily, industrial, hospitality and others. We are an industry leader in the vacation rental space and have expertise in all major DCF software products.

  • Acquisitions underwriting, valuation, and transaction management for individual properties or portfolios

  • Alternative investments including the acquisition and disposition of performing and non-performing loans and loan portfolios

  • Strategic analysis of value-add assets

  • Evaluation of property development or asset re-positioning opportunities

  • Underwriting services for new CMBS loans

  • Re-underwriting services for ongoing evaluation of CMBS pools or CMB


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Jonathan Weerts

Jonathan is a 20 year veteran in the commercial real estate investment industry.

His experience encompasses all elements of the commercial real estate vertical. He has worked for and consulted for some of the world’s largest institutions such as Bain, Barclays Capital, Credit Suisse, Hudson Advisors and Lone Star Funds, among many others.

He has performed acquisition, valuation, underwriting and market analysis services across all major product types on both debt and equity assets and transactions. He has successfully assembled and managed due-diligence teams of upwards of 20 people in order to execute large projects.

He has extensive experience with all major DCF software platforms, as well as, taught courses at many of the nation’s top universities in DCF training and technology.

When he isn’t working for you, he loves seeing the world, cooking for friends, visiting random jazz clubs, doing karaoke and exploring new ventures.

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